Vidi grant awarded to five Amsterdam Science Park researchers

The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) has awarded a Vidi grant worth 800,000 euros to five researchers from organisations located at Amsterdam Science Park. The grant will enable them to develop their own innovative line of research and set up their own research group.

Foto: Mark Knight

In the current allocation round, the NWO awarded a grant for a total of 86 research proposals; 571 researchers submitted a research proposal for funding. Vidi grants enable researchers to do research for five years. NWO awards Vidi grants every year.


Moonshine in string theory

Dr M. C. N. (Miranda) Cheng (f), UvA, Mathematics and Physics

String theory is a physical theory aiming at a uniform description of all laws of nature. The word moonshine refers to a mysterious relation between two different types of mathematical structures: special functions and finite groups. In this project, researchers will solve the puzzle of the origin of this relation by studying it in the context of string theory.

Weather on Alien World

Dr J.M.L.B (Jean-Michel) Désert UvA - Anton Pannekoek Instituut (API)

We have discovered an astonishing diversity of planets outside the Solar System. To better understand the nature, origins and fates of these new worlds, and our own, we will retrieve their atmospheric composition, clouds, and weather systems occurring on these exoplanets.

Conversational Search Engines

Dr E. (Evangelos) Kanoulas (m), UvA – Informatics Institute

Searching for information in digital repositories plays a central role in today’s life. In this project researchers will develop intelligent agents able to converse with users to accurately retrieve information in complex domains such as medical and legal.

Shaping up materials

Dr W. (Willem) L. Noorduin (m), AMOLF

Building functional materials from the bottom up requires control over both shape and chemical composition. To disentangle these requirements, researchers will develop new principles. First, salts will be grown in programmable shapes. Second, these salts will be converted to compositions of choice while preserving the original shape.

Algebraic or not?

Dr M. (Mingmin) Shen (m), UvA, KdV Institute for Mathematics

The PI proposes to develop an obstruction theory to the integral Hodge conjecture by studying it in special - but important - cases and by relating it to the Grothendieck-Katz conjecture. Then he will use the above results to attack some long standing rationality problems.

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