Co creatie Amsterdam Science Park
September 8, 2019

Unlocking brain power through Co-creation

What opportunities does Artificial Intelligence offer for innovation at multinationals? How do we use new techniques from sustainable chemistry in the development of new products? In the brand-new co-creation space in the recently opened Matrix VII-building pioneering entrepreneurs, exceptional researchers and motivated young talent will work together on the questions of tomorrow.


Spring Amsterdam Science Park

Arjan Goudsblom, the program manager, states: “Imagine all the combined knowledge and expertise assembled at Amsterdam Science Park. Imagine unlocking that. Then imagine mobilizing all that brain power to solve seemingly unsolvable challenges. That’s what we’re aiming to do by introducing new co-creation services.”

In our co-creation space we will bring researchers together in one room with corporate R&D teams, students with SME’s, knowledge experts with people in the field. Our purpose is to inspire and explore, to create impact through creative collaboration. “Making ecosystems flourish. That is the added value of a science park”, says Margo Keizer, head community building and partnerships of the Science & Business organization and co-initiator of the project.

At SPRING, our newest co-creation facility, we can help you find what’s best for your company innovation strategy and how to proceed.


We’ve developed three ways for parties interested in the expertise and talent at Science Park to get involved. The first one is to get inspired. Inspire sessions are designed for situations where the problem or solution is unclear. When scientific progress is made with new technologies and external parties are interested in the possibilities. The purpose of Inspire sessions is to connect & learn and plant the seeds for further exploration.


Explore events are designed for situations where there is a clear challenge that requires a multi-disciplinary approach to be solved. Collaboration and creativity is key. The ability to tap into the Amsterdam Science Park community is of great benefit here. The purpose of Explore events is to ideate & select the most promising ideas for creation.


Sometimes the starting point is a great idea and the ambition to take it further. Now it’s time to create real tangible value. The Create process takes ideas all the way to impact. The purpose of Create processes is to design & deliver and to work towards a public – private partnership.

With this new initiative Amsterdam Science Park aims to better connect scientific knowledge, expertise and talent to tackle societal challenges and stimulate business innovation.

This project is initiated by Matrix Innovation Center, the Science & Business organisation, ACE incubator and Innovation Exchange Amsterdam.

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