The solution is closer than you think: the advantage of being based at Amsterdam Science Park

From time-consuming and labour-intensive email processing to an automated ticket system: the solution devised by Scyfer saves Globalinternet many thousands of euros a year. It’s a good example of two organizations finding each other at Amsterdam Science Park and entering into a fertile cooperation. Tijmen Blankvoort (CTO of Scyfer) and Kees Bos (Director of Globalinternet) tell us what their collaboration entails, and how it came about.

Kees Bos (Director of Globalinternet) and Tijmen Blankvoort (CTO of Scyfer)

Kees: "Globalinternet is the world’s largest online internet-service provider. We have a support department that receives emails 24/7 from customers experiencing problems. These emails reported a number of possible problem scenarios. To identify which problem scenario was indicated, someone had to read all the emails and interpret them manually. This was labour-intensive and took a lot of time, so we couldn’t always help our customers as quickly as we would like."

Tijmen: "This is really typical of the kind of problem that Scyfer can solve. Scyfer develops state-of-the-art artificial-intelligence solutions for companies. We applied the same approach here, using artificial intelligence to develop an automated ticketing system whereby the system can deduce the correct scenario on its own. This allows you to get back to the customer much more rapidly with the right solution. The beauty of this system is that it is self-learning. It will always retrieve new information and process it, so any errors will be detected and improved for the next time."

Making connections at Amsterdam Science Park

This fruitful collaboration originated during an event organized by Amsterdam Science Park. At the park there are a large number of companies, institutes and knowledge institutions engaged in different aspects or applications of science. Often, these organizations have a lot of value to offer each other, but they don’t always know how to find each other. The Science & Business team of Amsterdam Science Park regularly organizes meetings to bring them together.

The added value of Amsterdam Science Park

Kees: "Globalinternet has been at Amsterdam Science Park for a long time. When we had been here for about five years, I realized that we were not doing anything to take advantage of our science-park location, in that we had no contact with the other organizations based here. So I began to deliberately pursue that kind of contact, by attending relevant events organized by Amsterdam Science Park, for example.

During one such event I found myself talking to Tijmen from Scyfer. The conversation soon turned to a problem that we’d encountered at Globalinternet. Tijmen said immediately, ‘Scyfer has the solution!’ After a number of further talks we entered into our cooperation and this has gone extremely well. Tijmen said during one of our discussions that they could solve the problem in less than two weeks. I was quite sceptical about that, but the nice thing is that he was right: Scyfer really has solved the problem in under two weeks."

"We were not doing anything to take advantage of our science-park location"

Both Tijmen and Kees are really pleased with their cooperation and they would not be surprized if further collaborations materialize in the future. Both companies also know other businesses in the park.

Kees: “Amsterdam Science Park must definitely continue to organize these meet-ups because you can achieve such valuable collaborations – they give you the chance to talk to people you never normally encounter.”

Tijmen: “In the first growth phase of an organization, those contacts are very handy.” And following on from that, Tijmen also has a tip: there must be more scale-up spaces at Amsterdam Science Park. “There aren’t enough of these, and if companies grow rapidly and get too big, they have to leave because there is no room for them,” he says. “That’s a shame. Scyfer is currently growing really fast, and we would love to stay at Amsterdam Science Park.”