Nikhef housing is new participant Dutch Data Center Association

At the end of the new year, trade association Dutch Data Center Association (DDA) announces a new participant. Nikhef Housing, one of the largest internet hubs in Europe with a rich history, will from now on be part of the Dutch data center association.

Driven by the requirements of her experiments (in particular at CERN), Nikhef has been involved in the development of the internet from the very beginning. Nikhef was thus a pioneer at world level. In the mid nineties this led to the original computer space of Nikhef becoming one of the first locations where internet service providers received accommodation.

Arjen van Rijn, institute manager of Nikhef: "Thanks to this history, Nikhef is now the proud owner of the Nikhef data center, 'Nikhef Housing', a hub with more than 160 connected networks." 

In the Netherlands, Nikhef Housing is number two on the list of locations with the most connections and also at European level there are only six locations with more connected networks.

Stijn Grove, director of the DDA, calls the collaboration an enrichment for the trade association: "Nikhef Housing is a special player in several ways. Not only because Nikhef has played an indispensable role in the history of the worldwide internet, but also because it has retained this leading role in connectivity to this day. We therefore see Nikhef joining the DDA as an asset and look forward to the cooperation. "

Use of residual heat

In addition to improving the internet infrastructure, Nikhef Housing also contributes its part in the energy transition. Every year, the Nikhef Data Center supplies 3500 GJ of residual heat to student housing and the Amsterdam University College. About 175 apartments can be heated with this amount of heat.