Meet Digital Realty’s Amsterdam Data Tower

In September the newest data center of Amsterdam officially opens its doors at the Amsterdam Science Park. The Amsterdam Data Tower, formerly known as TelecityGroup's AMS1 data center, is now part of globally operating Digital Realty.

The official opening is in September but the data center is already operational. Existing customers are being migrated from AMS1 to the Amsterdam Data Tower and new customers are joining the Amsterdam Data Tower. Among them Science Park resident SURFsara with the National Super Computer for research, who is the first new user who started installing in the Amsterdam Data Tower.

You can see the 72-meter-high tower with its unique architecture from far beyond the Science Park. The tower was designed and built using the latest advanced technologies and has over 5,000 m2 of data space and 9 MW of customer power. With its location at the Amsterdam Science Park, users are part of a rich ecosystem of telecom organisations, ISPs and cable companies to connect with.

Interested in a tour? The Amsterdam Data Tower is ready to show you around. You can book your tour here. You can find more information at