Dating site Amsterdam Science Park online

Last month the new Amsterdam Science Park matching portal went online. This easy to use online tool allows companies and students on campus to connect on multiple levels. For internship opportunities, for displaying talent to companies, for students to explore possibilities and overall, to inspire each other.

Margo Keizer, Head of Community Building & Partnerships at Amsterdam Science Park, is the initiator of this welcome new service. The idea sprouted from a conversation with the University of Amsterdam Faculty of Science’s Head of  Communications, who indicated that students needed more information about internship-, research- and work opportunities. This was confirmed during a  brainstorm on community building, which she subsequently organised with entrepreneurs, students and scientists.

“After the brainstorm, we concluded that whereas the connection between student and scientists derives naturally out of shared interest, entrepreneurs have little involvement with students, and vice versa. Students that are looking for an internship, often are not aware of the fact that there are over a 120 large and medium sized companies and research institutes right here on campus. The matching portal, for one thing, gives access to the Science and Business Database, a very handy and easy to use tool to find companies and research institutes that match your expertise or interest. Whether it’s for an internship, a starters job or a research opportunity. One can use filters to select  on expertise or branch, which company is open to internship applications and which has research facilities. In addition, the portal page provides a list with links to vacancy pages of all major companies and research institutes present on campus."

But not only did we want to make businesses more accessible to students, we wanted to provide a two way connection. That’s why we added a list of Science Park based student associations, including all contact information. This allows companies and research institutes to connect directly and specifically to students of certain disciplines. Got a starter job opportunity? An internship opening or an interesting event? Simply contact the relevant student association, and they can communicate it to their members. 

In return, student associations can use the portal by using the filters to select companies that are interesting for their expertise. They can invite these companies to introduce themselves at their career events, or ask if they would like to host a group of students for an introduction to their company. 

So seek each other out, don’t be shy! There’s a treasure of contacts and opportunities out there, we have the means to connect right here on our website.”