Connect, Collaborate, Create

It’s no secret that expanding your network can boost your business. After all, innovation often results from new encounters and informal conversations. The Science and Business Database helps you to grow your network, connecting you with potential partners in science and business and thus sparking your own innovation factor. So if you’re looking for an IT-specialist or expert in artificial intelligence? Or do you want to work with a company that deals with sustainable chemistry? Let this searchable database be your guide to connect, collaborate and create.

As an organisation, Amsterdam Science Park strives to cultivate a sense of community. Moreover, we make every effort to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and resources between businesses, researchers and students within the community. Moreover, we aim to attract vanguard businesses and research organizations to the area, in order to facilitate the development of interesting  research projects and/or business opportunities. Our goal is to strengthen the status of Amsterdam Science Park as an innovative and cutting-edge science and business hub.

About the Science and Business Database

One of the goals of Amsterdam Science Park is to launch an up-to-date Science and Business database, giving exposure to all the exciting and innovating projects within the Amsterdam Science Park community. This fully searchable database, will enable prospective partners within and outside of Amsterdam Science Park to easily find each other.  

Let this searchable database be your guide to the many unique research institutes, spin-offs, start-ups, SMEs, and multinationals located at Amsterdam Science Park. You could meet kindred spirits, inspiring opposites, and creative thinkers in many different fields — and who knows, it could be the start of something big.

Science and Business database

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