December 5, 2022

Can supercomputers fight the next pandemic?

CompBioMed recently hosted a free screening at the Amsterdam Eye Museum, premiering their new film visualising how supercomputers can help combat the next pandemic. Speakers at the event included Peter Coveney, UCL and professor in Applied High Performance Computing UvA-IvI, and Dr. Gábor Závodszky, an assistant professor of high-performance multi-scale computing UvA-IvI.

The film

The question of whether there will be future pandemics is a matter of when, not if. But will the world be ready? This video explores a new weapon in the fight against global disease: the supercomputer. From providing insights into the spread of the virus through the air, to the effectiveness of masks, or simulations revealing key insights for antiviral drug development, supercomputers can help us deal with pandemics. As has already been shown with COVID-19, supercomputer simulations offer a way to predict what will happen in the wake of vaccination, treatments or public health campaigns.

The short film, created by the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre, was followed by a panel discussion with 4 speakers, including the authors of the forthcoming book Virtual You.

The previous film, Virtual Humans (2018), can be viewed here.

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