November 29, 2019

Amsterdam Science Park spin-off winner of the Amsterdam Science & Innovation Awards 2019

The Amsterdam Science & Innovation Awards go to innovations in 3D-printed embryo models, following criminal money through bank data and tackling the phosphate challenge by SusPhos, a spin off company of the University of Amsterdam – where the SusPhos process was developed.

The Impact Awards go to Jaap Bonjer, Erwin Peterman and Gijs Wuite, and Roeland van Geuns.

Marissa de Boer (UvA), Jill Coster van Voorhout (UvA) and Bernadette de Bakker (Amsterdam UMC), together with their teams, are the winners of the Science & Innovation Awards 2019. The three researchers receive 7.500 euros to further develop their ideas and bring them to the market.

In the category Beta, the Award was allocated to the “SusPhos process”, which addresses the phosphate issue. The research team of Marissa de Boer of the UvA’s Faculty of Science at Amsterdam Science Park is developing technology that aims to generate a circular phosphate economy by processing phosphate-containing waste into high quality products such as fertilizer and fire retardants.

Meet in this video more of the technology developed by Chris Slootweg, Marissa de Boer, Bas de Jong and Steven Beijer.  They started SusPhos and are pioneers in closing the phosphorus cycle.

Jury chair Gigi Wang, entrepreneur specialist and affiliated with Berkeley University, praised the high level of the 66 submissions, of which 9 finalists were selected. The finalists pitched their innovation live in front of an audience. According to Wang, the three winners show that the Netherlands are at the forefront of innovation: “value propositions based on interesting science and technology have already been created, which potentially have a major impact on society.”

Sustainable chemistry

The Amsterdam Science & Innovation Awards

The Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award is a price for the most innovative research-based idea of Amsterdam. Fourteen years ago, the Knowledge Transfer Offices of Amsterdam UMC, UvA, HvA and VU (later jointly named Innovation Exchange Amsterdam, or IXA), organized this competition to make the valuable ideas based on scientific research visible.

The Impact Award has been created for scientists and researchers who have already made a major contribution to society.

Partners of the Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award are the City of Amsterdam, NKI-AvL, Sanquin, Surf, HealthInc, V.O. Patents & Trademarks, uniQure and Kennedy Van der Laan.


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