Access to Amsterdam Science Park during the Dutch National Championships Road Cycling

On Sunday September the 24th the Dutch National Championships Road Cycling 2017 will take place at Amsterdam Science Park. The riders will race on the Carolina MacGillavrylaan in Western direction and on the bus track on their way back (see picture below). The event will take place from 09:00 AM till 19:00 PM.

During this time it won’t be possible to park any vehicles or to move them away from the Carolina MacGillavrylaan on the driving lane in Western direction. Therefore, you are being advised to move your vehicle beforehand. However, it is possible to access and leave the enclosed area within the racing track. Remind however that this is only possible on a specific crossing point under supervision of traffic guards.

City bus 40 to Amstel Station will be directed through the Carolina MacGillavrylaan to the Kruislaan directly. City bus 40 to Muiderpoort Station will be redirected through Galileiplantsoen.

We hope for your understanding. However, if any questions remain, you can visit our website,, or send a reply on this mail.