April 12, 2021

A peek inside our networking event for entrepreneurs and innovators located at the park

Among the many ways that Amsterdam Science Park brings science-based organisations together, the Business Club Meetup provides a chance for entrepreneurs and innovators to exchange ideas, share knowledge and network.

Patricia Leek, Manager Partnership & Marketing Startup Village “As a club, we’re here to strengthen the network of leaders in digital innovation and sustainability ”

Meet talented professionals

There are many reasons for companies based at Amsterdam Science Park to join the Business Club. The groundbreaking developments taking place at the park can benefit the entire scientific community and help launch future projects. Business Club members also gain access to an exclusive network of contacts from the 150 organisations located at Amsterdam Science Park, and the Business Club Meetup is an ideal setting for personal introductions with business leaders.

At the meetup on 31 March 2021, members learned about various ways the club can help their businesses. The event opened with a presentation by Patricia Leek, who manages partnerships and marketing for Startup Village and belongs to the Business Board Commission. Besides the meetups, Business Club members get invitations to monthly events hosted by fellow members and access to an interactive membership portal which they can use to stay in touch.

The social and community aspects of the club are also valuable, with a recent survey revealing that 86% of potential members mentioned “meeting the community” as their main reason for joining. For a snapshot of the group’s expertise: 65% work in digital innovation, AI, ICT and big data; the others work in fields including life sciences, sustainability, high-tech systems and new materials. “As a club, we’re here to strengthen the network of leaders in digital innovation and sustainability,” Leek says.

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If your company is based at Amsterdam Science Park and you would like direct access to leading innovators, join the Business Club. As a member of the Business Club, you’ll have access to a broad network of around 150 companies at the park, varying from startups to multinational corporates.

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Innovation in action

These events also provide a platform for entrepreneurs to discuss their achievements. Chris Slootweg, an associate professor at the University of Amsterdam, spoke about his experience as a co-founder of SusPhos. A start-up focused on circular chemistry, SusPhos transforms phosphate-rich industrial waste into quality alternatives replacing products made using fossil fuels. Examples include flame-resistant textiles and fertilisers. SusPhos has won several innovation awards, including the prestigious Rabobank Duurzame Innovatieprijs (Sustainable Innovation Award) for the circular economy and climate category in 2020. Clearly inspired by SusPhos and their sustainability goals, the Business Club discussed the start-up’s success in a short Q&A.

The event concluded with a series of breakout sessions, during which participants talked about tools and resources they use, sales strategies and their areas of expertise. There was also a discussion on experts and innovators who could speak at future events, and how the group could use its network to invite them.

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