10 science & tech startups completed ACE Venture Lab’s Bootcamp

ACE Venture Lab closed its 6th Bootcamp, during which 10 teams of ambitious researchers and industry professionals learned how to commercialize their innovative science & high tech ideas.

The Bootcamp participants, jury members and ACE Venture Lab team

On the first week of December the accelerator took on board 10 startup teams to teach them the basics of entrepreneurship and help them turn their concepts into a feasible business. The participating startups included Karbe, Aiir Innovations, MyReputationLab, eVonutria, Hep-Art, Omnigen, PACING-CURE, Panoptes Heritage, Talent & Spelinzicht and pEdge.

In 5 days the teams went through all stages of business creation and development, attending workshops of the Bootcamp’s lead mentor Gigi Wang ( Managing Partner at MG-Team LLC and a Board Member at MIT/Stanford Venture Lab) and meeting the experienced mentors and startup experts.

The Bootcamp ended with a picthing competition during which the participants presented their innovative ideas to the jury panel and the accelerator’s community. The experts invited for the jury panel included Anita van de Velde (partner at De Vroedt & Thierry), Joris Heus ( director of the IXA office AMC), Rogier van Beugen (director Innovation & Venturing at KLM) and Marc ter Haar (Strategic Growth Markets leader at EY).

Aiir Innovations – a startups that helps improve the speed and quality in aircraft maintenance through the use of clever computer vision applications – won the Bootcamp pitching competition.