Benefits of Amsterdam Science Park

The unique proximity of leading scientists and well-trained students and the availability of high quality technical facilities and state-of-the-art lab and office space, in several multi-tenant buildings, make Amsterdam Science Park an extremely attractive proposition for innovative businesses, from start-ups to multinational companies >>


An important part of Amsterdam Science Park's strength is the natural way it facilitates meetings between people. There are excellent catering, sports and conference facilities here and annual events such as the Open Day 

State of the art Research and ICT-facilities

Amsterdam Science Park has world class research and ICT facilities: labs, cleanrooms, prototyping and testing services. >>

Easy access to Amsterdam Science Park

Schiphol Amsterdam

Conveniently located next to the A10 ring road, just 6 km east of the historic city centre, Amsterdam Science Park is extremely accessible – by bicycle, public transport and car. Bus 40 and peak-time bus 240 have bus stops on the site and several trains stop at Amsterdam Science Park Station every hour. It is an eightminute train ride to the city centre and less than 30 minutes to the international Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.


Whether you’re a start-up company or a large established organisation, Amsterdam Science Park can offer the perfect location with its extensive range of properties to let, buy or develop. >>

The largest concentration of university Science Education and research

Amsterdam Science Park is a major hub for research, innovation and entrepreneurship because of its world-class research institutes, universities and excellent business climate.

Area design

The public spaces at the park receive a lot of attention. Beautiful, low-traffic routes connect the various buildings; with routes meandering past water features and unique meeting places. Striking works of art stimulate inspiration and the meeting of minds; and the buildings are often the creation of acclaimed architects and have received nominations and prizes. >>