New! Car sharing at Amsterdam Science Park

Car sharing is rapidly growing and now available on Amsterdam Science Park. It enables employees to commute to work by train or bike and book a Car2Use car for their business trips.

Try it now!

Amsterdam Science Park is very well accessible by public transport and bicycle. However, due to occasional business appointments people still drive to work by car. But most of the time the car is left unused on the parking lot until it is time to go home. This is where Car2Use helps you out! 


  • offers flexible short term mobility
  • stimulates sustainable travelling
  • opens up parking space
  • travelling expenses on one invoice
  • no fixed costs and invoiced only when used 

How does Car2Use work?

  • Subscribe your company to Car2Use via the application form
  • We will contact you and send the contract documentation
  • We will ask you to submit the employees entitled to Car2Use
  • Download the Car2Use app to book, open and close the Car2Use car
  • Car2Use car is easily recognizable and parked on its own Car2Use parking place
  • Car2Use is paid per use. Check our rates

Where do I find a Car2Use car?

Click on the image to enlarge


Car2Use is powered by mobility provider Athlon. For more information please contact Alex van Valburg,, 06-13 84 47 49