ACE Venture Lab Bootcamp

09 May 2016 - 13 May 2016
ACE Venture Lab, Science Park 402

Want to learn how to build your science or high-tech startup? Join the Bootcamp by ACE Venture Lab – May 9-13!

ACE Venture Lab is accepting applications for the Bootcamp!

On May 9-13 ACE Venture Lab organizes a Bootcamp – an intensive training program for researchers, senior scientists and MSc students that want to convert their science or high-tech concept into a feasible company.

We invite a team of Silicon Valley specialists and startup experts to mentor you on launching your business. The Bootcamp covers all stages of business creation and development, teaching you how to translate your science or tech concept into a feasible company. During the program you will test your business assumptions, analyze potential challenges and learn how to make your idea an attractive proposition for investors and customers.

Read more about the program and apply here! For questions contact us at