Co-creation session

Do you have a specific innovation challenge that you would like to explore or solve with help from the talent at Amsterdam Science Park? Then a co-creation session may be for you.

Audience: Governmental parties, companies, spin-offs of multinationals and social organisations. Ideally you have some initial ideas for cooperation between relevant parties and want to discuss them with members of Amsterdam Science Park’s community.

What to expect: Check out an example co-creation programme and fill in the application form below so we can meet your personal needs.

Costs: On request.

Scientific and business breakthroughs with Co-creation sessions

Imagine unlocking all the combined knowledge and expertise accumulated at Amsterdam Science Park and mobilising it to solve seemingly unsolvable business challenges. That’s what we’re aiming to do with co-creation services. We believe this is an approachable way to start a light collaboration with researchers, students and entrepreneurs, especially within the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, Sustainable Energy, Sustainable Agriculture, New Materials and High Tech Instrumentation.

Three ways to get involved:

INSPIRE session: to learn about scientific progress, new technologies and their possibilities. The purpose is to connect and learn, and plant the seeds for further exploration.

EXPLORE event: a clear (business) challenge requires collaboration, creativity and access to the multi-disciplinary Amsterdam Science Park community to be solved. The purpose is to ideate and select the most promising solutions.

CREATE process: work from a great idea to create real tangible value and impact. The purpose is to design and deliver and to work towards a public-private partnership.

These three sessions can be booked individually, or together as a complete programme held over several days. This allows for a deep-dive into the topic, resulting in a sustainable, long-term collaboration. We can help you assess which aspects of the programme are best suited to your own individual needs, and come up with a suitable combination of work sessions.

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