Boundless mind

At Amsterdam Science Park, we believe knowledge has no borders. That’s why you’ll find cutting-edge institutes, top-class facilities and business incubators in one convenient location. You’ll meet motivated students, innovative researchers, talented scientists and adventurous entrepreneurs – all in an environment where it’s easy to work together. Cross-disciplinary initiatives and holistic thinking flourish. Ground-breaking research projects become successful spin-offs. That’s the strength of Amsterdam Science Park: connecting boundless minds.

Yannick Vinkesteyn

Yannick Vinkesteyn is a psychobiology student at the University of Amsterdam who recently served on the board of the study association Congo at Amsterdam Science Park.

“I’m currently completing the second year of my Bachelor’s in Psychobiology and Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Amsterdam. It’s actually my third year here, because I spent last year as chair of Congo the study association for life-science students. It’s a fairly large organisation with about 2000 members and it has six full-time board members, who are elected by member votes after being nominated by a committee. The board does a lot of work: organising events and other provisions and communicating with the students – everything to basically ensure that they can get the maximum benefit from their studies."

“At Amsterdam Science Park I feel a great connection with my studies and with everyone here”

“I feel more connected to Amsterdam Science Park too, and I’ve learned all about how it works. As a student, most of the time you’re unaware of everything that’s happening and the large number of organisations at the park. During my year at Congo, I glimpsed the complexity of the park and saw how important it is to connect all the different parties. This is something that needs to be improved, so it’s a good thing that the park is devoting so much effort to creating links between the various organisations and companies. This should mean a world of new opportunities for students, and for the organisations too. Why look further afield for talent, when you can find it around the corner?" 

“My course suits me because I’m really interested in human behaviour, but from the biological side. Psychobiology tries to understand what happens when things go wrong with the brain, and to find possible solutions. The brain is one of most intriguing things on the planet, and it’s amazing that something so complicated can work so well. I like the computational side of neuroscience: building circuits to simulate the brain. This is the direction I’d like to pursue in the future. Brain simulation can provide models so we can learn to understand the brain, and to help paralysed patients to move and blind patients to see. There’s a lot of potential."

“Student associations play a big role in creating the lively, welcoming and motivating atmosphere at Amsterdam Science Park”

“As well as studying for my degree, I’m now using the organisational skills I developed with Congo to help Livio Bod and Rizgar Saltik run Future University, which provides courses to help students with problematic areas in their study material. I very much believe in the Future University’s power to help, as I was actually its first student. I was struggling with statistics at the time, so I did a course on it with Future University, and now I love it – which is proof that their approach works. At Future University, we want every student to get the most they possibly can out of their education."

“Why look further afield for talent, when you can find it around the corner?”