Boundless mind

At Amsterdam Science Park, we believe knowledge has no borders. That’s why you’ll find cutting-edge institutes, top-class facilities and business incubators in one convenient location. You’ll meet motivated students, innovative researchers, talented scientists and adventurous entrepreneurs – all in an environment where it’s easy to work together. Cross-disciplinary initiatives and holistic thinking flourish. Ground-breaking research projects become successful spin-offs. That’s the strength of Amsterdam Science Park: connecting boundless minds.

Liesbeth Rigter

Liesbeth Rigter is the CEO of MoneYou an online banking company based at Amsterdam Science Park.

Liesbeth Riger by Michiel Witlox

“When asked what I do, I say I’m the CEO of an IT company – because although MoneYou is a bank, everything we do is online. We’re an IT company in finance. This is partly why Amsterdam Science Park is such a good fit for us: the Internet heritage and infrastructure of the park and the IT cluster here is important – you feel connected and you feel a part of it.

“Another reason why we’re here is the innovative mindset. We are a subsidiary of ABN Amro and since our foundation in 2001 we had been based in our parent company’s HQ. But it became clear it was important to get outside the corporate structure in order to foster innovation. The inventive culture of Amsterdam Science Park offered exactly the right environment – a diverse community, with lots of other start-ups. MoneYou moved here in 2010, and I arrived the year afterwards."

“MoneYou was the first Dutch bank to offer online mortgages where you could regulate everything online – it was initially part of ABN Amro’s mortgage division. In 2009, MoneYou moved out of mortgages and into savings, using the country’s first 100% paperless application process. We are often first in our field – we also developed the first banking app in the Netherlands in 2010." 

“There are lots of innovative minds here at Amsterdam Science Park”

“It’s all about service in our field, and we are constantly adapting and challenging the status quo. Banking is a rather traditional world, and after the banking crisis people became more risk averse, but it’s in the interests of the customer to adapt to new ways of working. We focus on the needs of young people – millenials – first. That’s because older people, who know how things were done before the Internet era, are just not as critical. So engaging with younger consumers initially is good for our development."

Liesbeth Rigter

“Our organisation is modelled as a partner network. We have around 35 contracted employees and about 100 colleagues who are part of partner companies. A number of students from the park do traineeships with us or work part time. In 2011, we entered the German market and now we’re in Belgium and Austria too – but we do everything from Amsterdam Science Park. That’s atypical for a bank, but it keeps us lean and efficient."

“Amsterdam Science Park is a good fit for us thanks to its Internet heritage and infrastructure and IT cluster”

“I took over as CEO of MoneYou in 2015 and decided that I want to do more with Amsterdam Science Park. It’s my goal to connect with more people and get to know about more things that are on offer here. Startup Village, which launched last year, is particularly interesting for us. It’s a source of good contacts, partnerships, interaction and co-creation. We’re already doing business with the science park start-up Butler – a conference call facility – on a virtual working space. And there’s lots more potential. It’s very easy to meet up with people at the park, to have a coffee and a talk, and share ideas and knowledge. It’s a mutual learning process."

“We like Startup Village so much that we decided to invest in it through our partnership deal. We’re very proud of the MoneYou Coworking space – our contribution to the new initiative. We think we have a bigger role to play, as one of the few companies at the science park engaged in business-to-consumer, rather than business-to-business, activities. For example, we could set up a development lab in order to help start-ups in the area of consumer behaviour. We have a customer base and considerable knowledge of customer research that could benefit them. And they could work on concepts for our consumers."

“There are lots of innovative minds here at the science park, and Amsterdam is a great location, especially when it comes to finding international personnel. We share an office building with other companies, occupying two out of four floors. We’re happy with the space and facilities, and we plan to stay here. In the future, we hope to increase our international reach and move towards becoming a true alternative to regular banking. We’d like to be an everyday bank, but then online.”