SPRING Co-Creation Centre

Experience SPRING: a co-creation centre dedicated to inspiration, exploration and creation. Our knowledge community works together to help solve your industry’s future challenges.


Connecting minds

Amsterdam Science Park has plenty of spaces for great minds to meet and work together. In co-creation facilities, exciting partnerships can develop and blossom. Our newest one is SPRING. Organisations can come to SPRING to get inspired by exceptional researchers and motivated young talent. They can team up to explore new routes and ideas, work out partnerships and collaborate on new projects.

Margo Keizer, Community Building & Partnerships “In our co-creation space SPRING we will bring researchers together in one room with corporate R&D teams, students with SME’s, knowledge experts with people in the field ”

Finding new ideas and solutions

Imagine unlocking all the knowledge and expertise assembled at Amsterdam Science Park. Mobilising all that brain power to solve seemingly unsolvable challenges is what SPRING is all about.

Want to figure out how AI could streamline your production process? Wondering how sustainable chemistry might make your product more competitive? Or, just need to innovate but have no idea where to start? At SPRING, you can sync up with the brightest minds in science to explore opportunities and challenges.

We believe people are the key to the success of any innovation programme. The real magic appears when smart, ambitious people with varying skillsets get together and make things happen. New applications based on promising technologies pop up every day. But you need to get to the core of what’s important for your business. We’ve developed three ways for you to get involved.

Get inspired

SPRING’s Inspire sessions are designed to awaken curiosity and sharpen research and innovation questions. When scientific progress is made in new technologies and external parties are interested in the possibilities, they can come here to connect, learn and plant the seeds for further exploration.


Explore events are designed for situations where there is a clear challenge that requires a multi-disciplinary approach. In those cases, collaboration and creativity are key.


If you start with a great idea and the ambition to take it further, SPRING’s Create process takes you all the way. Work towards a partnership to develop new designs and deliverables.

How can we help you?

Looking for partners to collaborate. Or looking for a certain expertise? Or would you like to locate your business in the Amsterdam Science Park? Drop us a line and we help you to find a perfect match.

Community Building & Partnerships

Margo Keizer

+31 (0)20 820 80 60 mkeizer@amsterdamsciencepark.nl