Science Park Creatives

Science Park Creatives is a platform for students, artists, researchers, and entrepreneurs that has emerged from the Amsterdam Science Park campus, with the aim of creating a collaborative innovation minded entrepreneurial ecosystem, that integrates Arts and Sciences. It comprises of 160 members mainly from Amsterdam Science Park (some selected members also from around the world), and is growing with new collaborations. 

The platform uses the Facebook group “scienceparkcreatives” for community building activities such as information sharing, interactive discussions, event arrangements, connect with like minded people, etc.

Innovation Lab is one of the main features where members are allowed access to FREE usage of equipment such as 3d printer, laser cutter, prototyping boards, raspberry pi, arduino, sensors etc. to build interesting project prototypes.

Since its inception the platform has seen active participation from its members in knowledge sharing discussions, use of the innovation lab to build interesting projects, attending selected events, and extending new collaborations. 

Please visit us at to check our activities, and join us on the Facebook group “ScienceParkCreatives” to be a part of this growing community.