Facts & figures

Amsterdam Science Park has the largest concentration in university science education and research in the Netherlands and one of the largest in Europe. The park is a major hub for research, innovation and entrepreneurship because of its world class research institutes, universities, and some 150 companies. Well over 10,000 students, scientists, entrepreneurs and residents make use of the park daily. The park is home to the world’s largest data transport hub, the AMS-IX, and offers excellent science and business opportunities for ICT, Life Sciences, High-tech, Physics and Chemistry. Amsterdam Science Park is a joint development of the University of Amsterdam (UvA), City of Amsterdam and the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).

People at Amsterdam Science Park

  •    800 employees and scientists at the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research
  •    800 entrepreneurs and employees
  • 1,550 employees and scientists at the University of Amsterdam, Faculty of Science 
  • 6,000 students at the University of Amsterdam, Faculty of Science 
  •    900 students at Amsterdam University College 
  • 2,500 residents 

Development of Amsterdam Science Park

  • 280.000 BVO has been developed
  •   10.000 BVO is being developed
  • 120.000 BVO to be developed


Next to the 150 companies, from start-ups to multinationals,  there are several organisations dedicated to connect science and business. Among them: ACE IncubatorAmsterdam Innovation Exhange (IXA), EGI (European Grid Initiative), Innovation Lab Chemistry Amsterdam (incubator for start-ups in the chemistry sector), Life Sciences Center Amsterdam, Commit and Vancis

For rent and (public) facilities

  • Office space
  • Clean rooms and lab space 
  • Conference and congres facilities (from 20 to 150 persons) 
  • University Sports Centre
  • Several (student) restaurants and catering facilities
  • Supermarket

Recent and planned developments at Amsterdam Science Park


  • Establishment of ARCNL
  • Opening of Matrix VI / multi-tenant building with 6,000 m2 lab space and offices 


  • Completion new build Data Tower
  • Completion residential block with 152 mid prized house
  • Completion Café Restaurant Polder in the old farm house
  • Completion Start-up Village, temporary ship container village for start-up companies


  • Start new build offices and lab space for ARCNL (MATRIX VII)
  • Completion extension Equinix Data Centre (AMS4)


  • Opening new building ARCNL & Nano Coating Center (Matrix VII) and 4000 m2 of free rental space
  • Extension of Startup Village
  • Living units for students, teachers and newcomers


  • ASP942 with Innovation Center Artificial Intelligence
  • Matrix VIII


  • Conference center/Hotel

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