Behind the Scenes: ICT & Big Data

You are cordially invited to join us for the latest in this academic year’s series of Behind the Scenes tours, which takes place on Thursday, 13th July. This time the spotlight is on the big data and ICT cluster, one of the main focus areas at Amsterdam Science Park (ASP). A large number of interesting big data and ICT innovations are underway at the park, with the many companies and knowledge institutions active in the area ensuring that ASP is at the forefront of new developments. The Behind the Scenes tour is a unique opportunity to peek behind the scenes at an internationally renowned ASP research institute: the CWI.

During the tour, you will learn more about the theoretical aspects of big data and ICT, the exciting applications that they make possible and the super-fast pace of innovation in the field.

The CWI and QuSoft

First, we will visit the CWI, the Netherlands’ national centre for mathematics and computer science. Here, Rob van der Mei, CWI’s Manager Research & Development, will talk about some of the institute’s current projects and explain what big data and ICT mean for its research. Companies like Google and IBM expect to implement small quantum computers in the near future. Researcher Stacey Jeffery of QuSoft  and CWI’s Algorithms & Complexity Research Group addresses the development of quantum software that will create specific applications for future quantum computers.

Startup Village: Bit Students and More

Next we head to Startup Village. After a short tour of this unique site, Dennis Berkhof will tell us some more about  Bit Students. This organisation unites students who monitor the developments of technology and related innovations and bring this knowledge to life in a professional working environment. 
Then, Ruben Spruit of Delph will tell us all about his organisation Delph. Delph develops Data Science solutions to turn data into value. They use mathematical models and algorithms to discover information and incorporate this data-driven intelligence within organizations.

Finally, every Behind the Scene tour traditionally ends with a sociable drink. This time we will gather at The Coffee Virus at Startup Village.


15.00-15.10: Welcome by Leo le Duc, Director of Amsterdam Science Park (at CWI)
15.10-15.35: Presentation by Rob van der Mei, Manager Research & Development at CWI
15.35-15.55: Presentation Stacey Jeffery (researcher CWI research group Algorithms & Complexity, QuSoft)
15.55-16.15: Walk to Startup Village and tour the site
16.15-16.30: Presentation by Dennis Berkhof of Bit Students
16.30-16.45: Presentation by Ruben Spruit of Delph
16.45-17.30: Informal drinks at The Coffee Virus


We hope to see you at what promises to be a highly interesting and educational event. The tour is open to everyone, but the number of places available is limited, so be sure to reserve yours now by signing up here.

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