The art hanging in and dotted around the public spaces creates inspiring meeting places for staff, visitors and passers-by. These works of art were made possible with the support of the East District local council, Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, Amsterdam Science Park, AMOLF, Nikhef, CWI, SURFsara and Matrix Innovation Center.


Visual artist Barbara Recourt and industrial designer Fons Broess during the unveiling of Roots

With ‘De Wortels’(roots) of Amsterdam Science Park, visual artist Barbara Recourt (1979), and industrial designer Fons Broess (1969), have created several meeting places for park users and visitors using the natural form of a tree as a starting point. Barbara and Fons see their roots as a natural system, which can best be described as the pursuit of a society which is social in all its facets.

Steps of Science 48 tiles of organised knowledge

One of the 48 tiles
One of the 48 tiles

With Steps of Science, Nienke Korthof (1982) shows  what often remains invisible to the Amsterdam Science Park visitor. A walk of fame in ultra-short animations captured in 48 tiles as milestones along the footpaths of Amsterdam Science Park. The 48 tiles depict scientific processes as the puzzles that they are, and perhaps will remain, for many: an invisible but fascinating world, captured in animations which are surprising in their own beauty and novelty.

Raw Paradise

Impression of Raw Paradise
Impression of Raw Paradise

The light artwork Raw Paradise by Nicky Zwaan allows the sun to shine in a 170-metre-long concrete tunnel. The artificial light merges with the natural light through a number of openings inside. Large and small square lamps bring light deep into the tunnel. In a smooth, continuous motion it is as if he sun breaks through the clouds, and through the concrete. In the evening and at night the hundreds of LED headlights in the dark create an image of the incoming light of the moon.

Urbancampsite at Amsterdam Science Park

Did you ever feel the urge to sleep in a piece of art? Well, then this is your chance! UrbanCampsite is the place where a camping and unique artistic objects meet. You can stay in beautiful, special, sometimes crazy works of art furnished as a hotel room. The UrbanCampsite offers its guests all the amenities of a normal campsite ... and quite a lot more than that! 

In June, July and August, the extraordinary travelling art campsite UrbanCampsite makes its home at the equally remarkable yet (for many) below-the-radar location of Amsterdam Science Park.

Reservations are only possible through Airbnb.

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