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Amsterdam Science Park
Connecting Boundless Minds

At Amsterdam Science Park, we believe knowledge has no borders. That’s why you’ll find cutting-edge institutes, top-class facilities and business incubators in one convenient location. Motivated students, innovative researchers, talented scientists and adventurous entrepreneurs – meet in an environment where it’s easy to work together. Cross-disciplinary initiatives and holistic thinking flourish. Ground-breaking research projects become successful spin-offs. That’s the strength of Amsterdam Science Park: connecting boundless minds. Next month we start a campaign to promote our campus. Curious? Please follow us on Twitter and Facebook to stay tuned. For now: meet our first boundless mind. Read more >>

Gravitational waves: Nikhef played an important role in the discovery

For the first time scientists have observed ripples in the fabric of spacetime arriving at the earth from a cataclysmic event in the distant universe. This confirms a major prediction of Albert Einstein’s 1915 general theory of relativity and opens an unprecedented new window onto the cosmos. Dutch scientists, including those of Nikhef, located at Amsterdam Science Park, played an important role in the discovery of gravitational waves. Read more >>

Tata Steel moves into Amsterdam Science Park

On Friday, 29 January 2016, Mayor Eberhard van der Laan opened the Tata Steel office at Amsterdam Science Park. The new facility will enable Tata Steel to stay close to research and innovation activities, keeping up to date with the latest technological developments. The office has already initiated a project with scientific start-up Scyfer to detect early errors in the steel production process using deep learning algorithms. Read more >>

‘Behind the scenes tours’ at Amsterdam Science Park

For the first time we organized ‘Behind the Scences’ tours for employees, students, entrepreneurs and residents of Amsterdam Science Park. A great opportunity to meet inspirational scientists, entrepreneurs, students and to visit their neighbors at the park. As we received many enthusiastic responses, we will organize these tours more often. Soon we will announce the dates on our website. Read more >>

Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award 2016

Amsterdam Science Park is partner of the Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award, a competition for innovative ideas with a social and/or commercial impact. 
This competition is open to all researchers, staff and students in all disciplines from all Amsterdam universities, universities of applied sciences, academic hospitals and public research centers. New this year is the Science & Business program.  Aside from the possibility of winning 10,000 euros, participants will have the opportunity to find the right partner to develop their idea further. Consequently, companies and organisations will have the opportunity to meet brilliant researchers with innovative ideas. Read more >>

Sold out meeting Internet of Things

In the future objects in our daily lives will talk to us, and to each other, thanks to sensors, software and networks. A full audience attended the Internet of Things in Practice meeting at 16 February. Read more >>

Amsterdam Green Campus connects research, education and business

The innovation platform Amsterdam Green Campus has been officially launched with a kick-off event at Amsterdam Science Park. In this regional platform, researchers, educational institutions and entrepreneurs will collaborate on innovation and on educating talent within the green sector. University of Amsterdam Professor of Plant Physiology Michel Haring is one of the initiators. Read more >>